How many times did Sylvia Browne make predictions that did not come true? Anybody know?

How many times did Sylvia Browne make predictions that did not come true? Anybody know?

Answer by Jim
She talks in general terms and can talk any answer into being correct. Other wise it’s ok and she is level headed.

Answer by morgan94118
I’ve seen her on Montel Williams show many many times. I will take a guess that she’s accurate maybe 10% of the time and that’s not a result of her psychic skills but just odds.

Many psychics are simply good at reading people, picking up their mood and feelings from the tone of their voice (i.e., whether they need an emotional response or an more intellectual, factual response). Also the questions and situations that she’s asked cannot be verified so Browne is home free – she can give any ‘answer’ and usually it will taken because the person asking just wants to hear anything.

I’ve very good at reading people and believe I could play the role of psychic to a certain extent.

I’ve heard through another energy worker on the radio say she charges and people pay her $ 500 (!) and hour…or maybe it was 1/2 hour. Not a bad job to get into.

Answer by Ali
I will always remember one specific thing she said that was wrong and I will always remember it. She said that John John (JFK Jr) would be President in 2008.. The only way she will be right is if he comes from the grave and people vote for him.

Has anyone seen or talked to Sylvia Browne is she real, do you know any predictions that came true?

Answer by Dr. LOVE the MONKEY!!!
yes i do

KMOV’s hidden cameras capture self-proclaimed psychic Sylvia Browne making bold predictions about a mother’s dying son. Not one of Browne’s predictions came true. The woman’s son died two days later. This story was on KMOV-TV in May 2010.


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